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Hardflex® Cutting Tool Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit

Hardflex® - Multiple Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit with 100 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set  (Pack of 1)

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Hardflex® Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit
• Six different blade specifications for cutting a wide variety of materials
• Contains two No. 61882 Destructor Blades, two No. 60692 Fire and Rescue Blades, and five each of the following Reciprocating Blades: 89450, 89451, 89453 (Tapered) and 95646
• Useful in many applications including demolition work and fire and rescue

Supertanium® Files
• Specially-treated black oxide coating reduces loading of soft materials, prolongs tooth sharpness and tool life, and resists rusting
• Precision cut for uniform tooth height and sharpness
• Scientifically heat-treated for maximum hardness and edge-holding ability
• Unique cleaning process to eliminate grit and grime normally found in the bottom (gullets) of file teeth – eliminates excess clogging for faster filing
• American pattern
• Graduated coarse, fine and extra fine teeth (wavy teeth) are standard on files with a double cut (except round shapes); reduces chattering and lasts longer
• Wavy teeth work equally well on steel, iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, slate and wood
For safety reasons and to prevent possible OSHA violations, a tanged file should never be used without a tight-fitting handle. A handle will not only help prevent accidents, it helps make the job easier and more enjoyable.
CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter under improper use. Government regulations require use of safety glasses and other appropriate safety equipment at all times in the vicinity of use.

27376 Hardflex® Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit 1
FA5108 Screwdriver Master Bit Set, S2 Tool Steel, 100pc 1

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Hardflex® - Cutting Tool Reciprocating Saw Blade Kit
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Multiple Purpose Set
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Angle Iron, Thick Steel Construction and Pipe
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2 each of 61882 and 60692, 5 each of 89450, 89451, 89453 and 95646
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