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Regency® Cutting Tool Bundle with Screw Extractor Kit 8Pcs

Regency® - Cutting Tool Bundle, 8 Pieces, Includes Regency® Tapered Reamer and Drill Kit with Drill-Out® Screw Extractor Kit Bundle  (Pack of 1)

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1   ea.
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Regency® Drill Bits
• 135° modified split point
• Self-centering point; eliminates drill walking
• Manufactured from top-quality high-speed steel to reduce breakage and chipping for increased toughness and longer tool life
• Drill size equals the shank size
• Gold finish
• Made in USA

Regency® Reamers
• Regency® Reamers will enter holes half their nominal diameter
• Special gold finish that minimizes friction
• Three large flats for solid chucking
• Right-hand cut with left-hand flute to minimize pushback or grabbing

Drill-Out® Extractor Kit
• Drill bit and extractor in one
• Self-centering drill tip that will not walk or wander
• Short, tough drill body – allows flexibility and visibility
• Left-hand cutting edge (drill set for reverse)
• Removes bolts up to and including Grade 8
• Hex drill shank prevents slipping in the drill chuck
• Warms the bolt upon drilling, easing the extraction process
• Sold individually and in multi-size kits
• Individual extractors and kits are supplied with operating instructions
• Kit includes all four sizes of Broken Screw Extractors in a durable, high-impact plastic case
• Easily removes broken screws
CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter under improper use. Government regulations require use of safety glasses and other appropriate safety equipment at all times in the vicinity of use.

91894 Regency® Reamer and Drill Set, 8 Pc. 1
58388 Drill-Out® Screw Extractor Kit, 4 Pc. 1

Tech Specs

Item# :
Product Name :
Regency® - Cutting Tool Bundle with Screw Extractor Kit 8Pcs
Type :
Reamer and Drill Set
Material :
High Speed Steel
Diameter :
3/8 to 3/4 by 8ths
Shank Diameter :
1/2 "
Overall Length :
Multiple "
TAA Compliant:


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